Rabbi Zev Katz and his Family


Rabbi Zev and Chani Katz, their son, Mendel, Twins (Baila Sara & Chaya Mushkah).& Motty, live in Miami Beach, and run the famous Chabad House on Wheels. Chabad is an international outreach organization, inspired by the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and dedicated to serving Jewish communities with warmth and joy. There are over 3,000 institutions world-wide. With genuine love and unquestioning acceptance of each and every Jew, the integral philosophy of Chabad forever remains that all Jews have an irreplaceable, important role in the world.

The mission at Chabad House on Wheels is to promote and strengthen Jewish awareness, pride, and observance, by providing educational, cultural, and social activities to all Jewish individuals and families regardless of background or affiliation. 

Some programs include:

Shabbat Services & Dinners *  High Holiday Services * Jewish Enrichment Program * Hospital Visitations * Kitchen Koshering * Mezuza & Tefillin Service * and much, much more!