• HEBREW SCHOOL OF THE ARTS MIAMI BEACH 2024-25Hebrew school of the arts Miami Beach is a fun and exciting way four kid to grow in his jewish roots SIGN UP YOUR CHILD TODAY!
  • Cteen Miami BeachCTeen offers programs that bring teens together to embrace their shared faith and give back to their communities and the environment. press the link to sign up for 2024-25
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Jul. 23 - Aug. 13
CHABAD IN ACTION sponsored by Mr. & Mrs Gerald Shvartsman
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  • Why No Talking After Washing for Bread?To understand why, we first need to examine why we wash our hands in the
    first place.
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  • Take the Joshua QuizTest your knowledge of the man who brought our ancestors into the Holy Land. Read More
  • I Needed a HugI was at a crossroads, with one foot in my new Jewish observance and the other foot still firmly set... Read More