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Join us for a fascinating lunch & learn

with Yosef Mendelevich!


Date: Wednesday, the 1st of November 2017

Time: 12:30 PM

Suggested donation: $18 


Mendelevich was born in Riga and started his Jewish activities in the 1960s. He formed a student group of underground Jewish Education in 1966 and became an editor of an underground newsletter Iton on Jewish issues in 1969.

Being repeatably refused the right to immigration, he became one of the leaders of the  Dymshits–Kuznetsov hijacking affair, recounted in his 2012 memoir Unbroken Spirit. As punishment, he was imprisoned for eleven years. During the imprisonment he was punished for keeping Jewish precepts. In 1981, after a worldwide struggle, he was released and immigrated to Israel. 



One Jew.png